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Welcome to my page!

Unfortunately, I no longer use this wiki as the county where I teach has decided to adopt a specific wiki site for all of its wikis. I am currently using the county system that does not give outside (non-member) internet access at all. I will, however, take a class on using the county approved wiki site this summer, 2012. The new site is not as user friendly, hence the reason that I will be taking a class on it.

I am leaving up my old site from the last quarter of 10-11 so that you can see an example of how I decided to use my wiki. It's a great way to deal with make up work, accomodations and questions that students may have. I can research and post answers to questions that we don't have time to deal with in class for interested students online.

2010 - 2011 Students

Throughout the school year, I will be posting things to this site to help you with your year.

Aquí están algunas fotos que yo saqué en varios lugares en el mundo! :)

El Salvador

La plaza central, Lima, Perú

Chan Chan, Perú

Hay más fotos en la página de español 5. Disfrútalas! :)