Student Wiki Tips 101


español 3 = ¡Excelente! You followed instructions and made it to the Wiki tips page on my website! I have already signed you all up so you all can get into the page el lunes, el primero de noviembre. Your sign in name for this page will be your Spanish name in class with the first two letters of your last name. Sometimes it is the first three letters. To get your homework grade (10/10) for checking out this link, write out what your sign in name for the wikispaces page should be.

Why Join?

  • Becoming a member of Wikispaces allows you to post discussions and become part of online discussions regarding Spanish class.
  • You can also create your own portfolio of work samples and notes online for others to view.

How to Protect Yourself On Wikispaces

  • When creating a profile or communicating with other members, never give your full first and last name.
  • Never post/reveal any personal information such as phone numbers, home addresses, location, etc.

Other Tips and Reminders

  • REMEMBER: This is a PUBLIC FORUM. Please use common sense and know that anything you post or say is potentially being viewed by the global community, not just your friends or teachers.
  • This is a public place. It's no different than being out at the mall with your friends or in the hallways at school. Behave appropriately and protect yourself!
  • The discussion board is only for comments and notes that are to be viewed by the entire class and community. If you have individual concerns or grade questions, please send a private email to Sra. de Col. :)
  • Be respectful!

Expectations for behavior on wikispace

  • No flaming (don't be rude), be respectful of everyone
  • Appropriate language only
  • Extend other people's ideas
  • No extraneous non-related discussions, except in práctica en español
  • No use of whole, real names
  • Use correct English, no netspeak (omg, etc.)
  • Our goal is to have a responsible, professional online life
  • Don't reveal personal information; no posting of pictures of you
  • Please note that all regular expectations of behavior in school and for your computer use agreement apply here as well. This is a SCHOOL page.

Extra expectations for the práctica en español, homework help sections

  • Appropriate conversations only
  • No talking about other people
  • Use it for help only, don't share answers

Editing the wiki, FAQs

Here's another great link that I found for using wikis from a blog... It explains a lot about editing and has some frequently asked questions about editing pages. Check it out!

Safety issues

Playing It Safe: A WebQuest on Internet Safety